Crowdfunding for Laufbursche-Gear / Mateusz Szultk

The owner and founder of the Ultralight-Cottage 'LAUFBURSCHE', Mateusz Szultk, unfortunately had fallen ill with cancer.


As a result he currently undergoes an exhausting chemotherapy with many unexpected side effects and complications.


One of the most violent complications are embolisms in the aorta and in the legs which have topically the tragic result that Mateusz's left lower leg had to be amputated. And it is hoped that the right lower leg is strong enough and remains because there are also thromboses and embolisms in this leg. You definitely can imagine what it means for somebody whose life is completely concentrated on hiking and walking.


In light of these facts Mateusz has to discontinue the manufacturing of backpacks and the onlineshop for an uncertain period and has to deal with a substantial loss of income - additionally to the burden of severe illness. For him as a self-employed there is no other financial support in this situation, e. g. from government funds.


Therefore this is an appeal to all people, who know Laufbursche and to all friends and acquaintances to support Mateusz in this bad time with a small donation!


With your donation you enable him to continue his unique factory - once he had overcome the hopefully successful battle against cancer!


Andrea & the Laufbursche-Team


Cologne, in April 2016





Here there are news on Mateusz's present condition: klick 


Here you have the possibility to leave recovery wishes, suggestions and questions: klick 

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Account holder: Dipl.-Ing. Mateusz Szultk

Bank: Sparkasse Köln Bonn

IBAN: DE75 3705 0198 0010 1335 28


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Donation without reward to cope sickness costs

Thank you, we appreciate your support!